Another Successful Slaughterhouse Shutdown

As we look back at our month in November, it ended with a bang.  On November 29th, brave Chinese Activists ...
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No Dogs Left Behind Receives Award From Supreme Master Ching Hai in China

We are very honored to announce we have been awarded a wonderful gift by Supreme Master Ching Hai's association for food, ...
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stolen dogs in china dog meat trade

Beloved German Shepherd Stolen From Pet Owner’s Backyard In China

Far too often we see stories like this of pets getting stolen out of owner's backyards.  It's a horrible story ...
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adopt a rescue dog

True Heroes And Protectors Finally Find A Loving Home In America

No Dogs Left Behind spends every waking hour saving dogs that have been stuffed into small butcher cages and brutally ...
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dog adoptions - end dog meat trade

Golden Retriever Rescue

4 Golden Retrievers all rescued from a Chinese slaughterhouse and now all living healthy lives in loving homes in the ...
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