No Dogs Left Behind has rescued thousands of dogs from the dog meat markets and illegal dog traffickers. Through emergency response evacuations of slaughterhouse shutdowns, wet markets, dog meat truck interceptions and exposure of breeders we have made it our mission to save these exploited and vulnerable lives. Yet we need everyday heroes like you to adopt and complete the mission. No rescue is finished until each dog finds a forever home.
Due to the continued effects of Covid 19, No Dogs Left Behind transports have been incredibly challenging. For dogs going to Europe, the UK, and Canada, we expect the wait for flights to be approximately 3 to 4 months. Please know, however, that we can make no guarantee about flight dates because we are at the whim of the commercial airlines and airports.In addition to these challenges, the United States has implemented a “temporary” suspension on the importation of dogs from 113 countries, including China. Therefore, while we are still accepting applications from American adopters, we must caution that the wait will be a minimum of 6 months, but more likely take up to a year. All dogs going to the United States must be transported to Canada, and spend 6 months in our new Canadian sanctuary* before they are eligible to enter the United States. (*Our Canadian sanctuary is in the process of being established; we hope to be able to move dogs to our Canadian sanctuary as early as the first of October.)We recognize the delays in transporting our dogs may discourage potential adopters from completing an application. However, should you choose to go through with the adoption, we want you to know that you stand with us on the front lines of this war against animal cruelty.

Every dog that makes it into a forever loving home frees up critical space in our East Asian sanctuaries, and allows us to rescue more dog from the constraints of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and slaughter.



1. Selecting Your Survivor

Chances are if you have made your way to the No Dogs Left Behind adoption page it’s because you are looking for more than just a new family pet. It’s likely are you are a compassionate animal activist who believes in being part of the solution in the fight to end the dog meat and trafficking crisis in East Asia.

Each dog that gets adopted opens the doorway for another dog to be rescued. We thank you for your part in saving another life.

Once you have found the survivor you want to adopt, please fill out an adoption application.

2. The Application Process

We have a standard adoption protocol for all of the dogs we place through NDLB. Each application question is written and geared toward helping our team best understand you, your family, your beliefs in animal care and behavior correction.

Many of our dogs faced death or experienced unimaginable cruelty. Our adoption team act as their voice when selecting their forever home. Working together, we can give them the life and home they deserve.

Therefore, please take the time to answer the questions fully and truthfully. The more information we have about you, the better we can be with finding the perfect survivor for your family.

3. Identification and Pictures of your home

As we process the application, we require a photo of your driver’s license or state ID and photos of your home or living space and the yard or park you plan to exercise the dog in. This information is critical since we often do not have the ability to meet you in person prior to your survivor coming home.

4. Communication through WhatsApp

Once the application has been approved, we kindly ask that you download WhatsApp to your device or smartphone. This application allows our adoptions team to keep you updated and to will relay videos and pictures of your survivor. You can ask questions and get to know your new loved one while you await your transport date.

5. Yulin Dogs Adopters Support Group

One of the many things that sets No Dogs Left Behind apart from other groups and rescues housed in East Asia is the overall sense of community we promote and encourage among our adopters. We have a specially designed Facebook page for all adopters to join that stands as an open forum for adopters to ask questions, share stories and celebrate milestones. Everyone in this group is an adopter with one or more of our survivors.

One of the most heart-warming things about this Facebook group is seeing families connect with one another. Sometimes people connect if the dogs were once pen mates or saved from the same emergency response. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s unique to NDLB.



Each rescue and global animal adoption group have their own way of approaching all of the costs associated with the rescue, rehabilitation, transport and adoption. No Dogs Left Behind approaches this uniquely. Instead of charging adopters for all of the different things that the dogs receive while they are in our sanctuaries, we charge a simple Pay-it-Forward Fee that only covers the cost of the dogs transportation. Adopters do not cover the costs of the dogs’ medical care or the food and care they receive while they remain in our sanctuaries. The Pay-it-Forward Fee that is paid at the time of adoption covers the current cost of flying the dogs home. If, at the time of transport, the transportation costs have increased, adopters will be required to pay the additional expenses.

Every dog that is adopted and flown to their forever home frees up space that allows us to save another dog from death. Without heroes like you this would not be possible.



No rescue is truly complete until each survivor has a family of their own. Whether you selected the dog yourself or our adoption team assisted in matching you, the goal of No Dogs Left Behind is to determine what placement and environment will be best for our survivors. The NDLB Team has put together this Survivor Cheat Sheet to help our adopters know how to best take care of our dogs when they first come home. This Cheat Sheet has a lot of tips and information to help make the transition successful for you and our survivors!.


Many of our dogs receive multiple applications for adoption. Therefore it is critical to communicate in a timely manner with our Adoption Team once you have been alerted that your application has been approved. Dogs are adopted out on a first come, first served basis.

In the event you change your mind about adopting after you have already paid and signed the adoption contract, we will terminate the adoption agreement, but the Pay-it-Forward Fee is not refundable. This is because the dog may have missed out on another chance at a forever loving home when it was removed from our adoptable dogs website. In this instance, the Pay-it-Forward Fee will be used to place the dog with one of our dedicated foster families in another country. The Pay-it-Forward Fee will be used to help cover transport. This approach allows us to open another spot for a future dog to be rescued.