No Dogs Left Behind 5 pillar approach:

The No Dogs Left Behind approach sets us apart from other rescues globally. Each step coincides with our drive toward a cruelty free and sustainable world.

  • Emergency Response

    Using intel from brave activists the No Dogs Left Behind team awaits critical information needed to conduct emergency response. Once details have been verified Jeffrey dispatches and directs his team. Entering slaughterhouses, wet markets and intercepting dog meat trucks along with illegal dog dealers, the team begins securing the area and saving lives. This time critical component is done with precision as lives hang in the balance.

  • Shelter Operations Protocol

    After the initial rescue all survivors are moved to one of our refugee bases in either Dayi or Gongyi. Here the dogs are evaluated and separated based on illness, injury or disease.

    Under our medical protocols’ dogs are vaccinated, medically treated, microchipped ,vetted, named and individual books are created for each dog. The books are used to keep records of our dogs during the time they are in our care while they await adoption.

  • Education

    Through partnerships with the Chinese agricultural college and the Harrow school of Beijing, No Dogs Left Behind cultivates a hands-on approach to teach students about proper animal care, animal welfare and offers students the opportunity to experience the unique bond between humans and animals. This is essential in our mission as the youth are the future.

  • Government Advocacy

    Currently China operates with zero animal welfare laws. As some cities move toward a ban in the consumption of dogs. No Dogs Left Behind advocates for a nationwide ban against this behavior. No Dogs Left Behind will remain boots on ground in our fight for a cruelty free and sustainable world.

  • Adoption

    Adoption is the final and most critical step in our 5-pillar approach. Without adoption we cannot keep saving lives. Each dog that gets adopted opens the doorway for another dog to be rescued. This pay it forward approach implements our save a second life donation.

    This donation is used to offset the cost of transporting the dog to the designated country. Transport costs vary as countries and airlines differ in expense associated with shipping the dogs. To find out more please see our adoptions page.

Dog meat consumption has been taking place in China for hundreds of years if not more. Yet the torture, cruelty, abuse and exploitation have reached epic levels since 2009 and the birth of The Yulin Dog Meat festival. No Dogs Left Behind is driven to advocate for animal welfare laws in China. We fight on the frontlines with your support. Through the Five Pillars of Rescue No Dogs Left Behind is making measurable strides in the fight for animal welfare. We are the voice for the voiceless. Our dedication and work will continue until ALL of China creates bans against dog meat, in each region and collectively as a nation these laws are upheld. As of today, Taiwan is the only country who has outlawed the consumption of dogs.

The Asian dog trafficking crisis has been going on for hundreds of years, if not more, and part of our goals here is to ultimately change the animal welfare laws in China. This goal can only be reached by having the support and compassion of supporters just like yourself. It takes an army to create a movement that will eventually change a nation. We fight this war on all fronts – education, politically, financially, and culturally. Our entire organization operates on the Five Pillars of Rescue . Through this strategy, we will change the world. Our voices will get louder and louder for the voiceless. We will ever stop as long as the government continues to torture dogs in China. As of today, Taiwan is the only country who has outlawed the consumption of dogs.