No Dogs Left Behind
The 5 Pillar Approach to Rescue:

The No Dogs Left Behind 5 Pillar Approach to Rescue is what sets us apart from all other rescues globally. Our commitment to the dogs we save extends from the moment we first rescue them to the moment we place them into loving homes.  Each step of our 5 Pillar Approach coincides with – and furthers our dedication to – a cruelty-free and sustainable world.  Most importantly, this approach is conducted with total and complete transparency from the moment of our emergency response until the moment of adoption.  Below is a summary of our 5 Pillar Approach to Rescue.
  • Emergency Response

    The No Dogs Left Behind team is constantly collecting intelligence from brave activists in East Asia, gathering critical information regarding when and where our emergency response is needed.  Once the information is received and verified, Jeffrey Beri dispatches and directs his emergency response team to the area.  As part of this operation, the emergency response team responds to a variety of situations, including entering slaughterhouses and wet markets and intercepting dog meat trucks (along with illegal dog traffickers).  Once on location, the emergency response team secures the area/trucks, commandeers the dogs, and begins saving lives immediately. The sickest, oldest, and most vulnerable, as well as moms with puppies, are rescued first. This time-critical emergency response is conducted with laser precision as lives hang in the balance.  At no point during this response or any other time, is money exchanged for the dogs.  Purchasing one dog to save its life will fund the butcher to kill ten more dogs; therefore, it is our policy that No Dogs Left Behind will never pay for dogs and will never collaborate with persons or organizations who purchase dogs.

    Once evacuated, the dogs are taken to a secure quarantine location for emergency medical care and treatment.  Under our medical protocols for emergency response, the dogs are triaged based on their clinical illness and/or injuries.  All dogs are promptly microchipped, vaccinated, CBC and chem tests are drawn, fecal tested, dewormed, treated for fleas and ticks, and tested for brucellosis as part of our emergency response medical protocol.  After the dogs are stabilized, they are sterilized, have an x-ray and sonogram of the heart performed, have their teeth and ears cleaned and their nails clipped.

    Individual information books are created for each dog, which contains a photo, the approximate age of the dog, the dog’s height, length and weight, microchip number, vaccination record, and treatment records.  These books are used to keep records of our dogs during the time they are in No Dogs Left Behind’s care and are awaiting adoption.  Our global team immediately enters all of this information into an online database for the dogs as well.

  • Shelter Operations Protocol

    Dogs do not enter our sanctuaries until all of the medical protocols for infectious disease have been completed.  Once completed, and quarantine has been satisfied, all dogs are moved to one of our sanctuaries in either Dayi, Gongyi or Hebei. Here, the dogs are evaluated for temperament and then assigned room locations where they can interact with other dogs.  Those dogs that require additional treatment are housed in our on-site hospital area according to their illness, injury and disease.

    The dogs are put on set schedules for feeding, walking, and socializing with other dogs. This protocol of structured activities provides consistency and comfort to the dogs. There is also a set schedule for cleaning the sanctuaries.  Volunteers are encouraged to come to the sanctuary at appropriate times to work with dogs who have experienced extreme trauma to help them learn to trust the human hand.[1]

    Dogs/breeds that can tolerate an all-vegan diet are converted to a vegan diet, as we strive to provide a sustainable lifestyle for all of our survivors. We do not believe in killing one animal to feed another.

    [1] Due to Covid, volunteer participation has been halted at this time.

  • Education

    Education is a core component of the No Dogs Left Behind 5 Pillar Approach to Rescue.  Working with the Chinese Agricultural College, students come to No Dogs Left Behind sanctuaries for hands-on training of our medical treatment protocols. Working with the Harrow International School Beijing, primary students visit the sanctuaries for hands-on animal welfare education.  For many, this is the first time they have touched a dog.  Jeffrey Beri also lectures at schools and camps around East Asia, including Yulin, promoting animal welfare.  These are all hands-on programs that teach students about animal welfare and companionship and offers them the opportunity to experience the unique bond between humans and animals by volunteering in the No Dogs Left Behind sanctuaries. In addition to educating the students, No Dogs Left Behind also dedicates significant resources into educating and converting dog traffickers by working with them and hiring them to be part of the No Dogs Left Behind team. This is another aspect of our 5 Pillar Approach that differentiates us from other rescues.

    In the United States, No Dogs Left Behind has created a Junior Board of Directors, run exclusively by high school students and designed to engage youth of all ages to be involved in the organization’s leadership.  The Junior Board provides a unique opportunity for youth to be involved in everything from board governance to fundraising, project management and social media outreach.  The Junior Board, also referred to as our Young Heroes Board, serves an integral part of No Dogs Left Behind in promoting our mission on a global platform.  Working with, and educating, the youth is essential to our mission as the youth are the future of this movement.

  • Government Advocacy

    There are limited to no animal welfare laws in East Asia.  However, there is a movement that is now growing to change that, and we believe that China can lead the way in Asia in demanding global animal welfare laws.  In April of 2020, China’s Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs issued draft guidance regarding animal husbandry and gained international attention because dogs were not on the national list of livestock, but instead classified as companion animals.  Many celebrated that dogs were not on the list; however, dogs were never on this list.  Moreover, classifying dogs as companion animals does not explicitly ban the consumption of dogs or raising them for meat, which unfortunately provides loopholes for butchers and traffickers.

    Shenzhen was the first city in Asia to ban the consumption of cats and dogs, doing so around the same time as the reclassification guidance was issued, and Zhuhai followed suit.  No other cities have taken similar action.

    We believe 2021 is the year for Jeffrey Beri to meet with Congressmen and Senators in the United States to address the ongoing reckless slaughtering of animals.  While the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 prohibits the consumption of dog and cat meat in the United States, there are still more animal welfare laws that need to be enacted for all animals, not just dogs.

    No Dogs Left Behind believes animal welfare laws are in order for all animals, so we will not stop fighting until there are such laws in every country around the world.  True to our mission, we will remain boots on the ground in our fight for a cruelty free and sustainable world.

  • Adoption

    Adoption is the final step in our 5 Pillar Approach to Rescue. Without adoption, we cannot keep saving lives.  Adoptions free up space in our sanctuaries so that we can conduct more emergency response operations.  And the funds generated from our adoptions are used to fund these emergency rescues and medical treatment.

    Our adoption team works with potential adopters in the United States, Canada and the U.K. to find a dog who will be the perfect fit for their family.  Once matched, adopters pay an adoption fee, which enables No Dogs Left Behind to save more lives.  Adopters then receive regular updates and videos of their dog until a transport is scheduled.  These transports are very special events for No Dogs Left Behind.  An army of volunteers comes to help us welcome the dogs as they arrive in the United States of America.  When our dogs land on free soil, they become ambassadors of this extremely important, cruelty-free movement that No Dogs Left Behind has been fighting for since its inception in 2016.   We encourage each family to share their dog’s story with friends, on social media, and to their local newspapers.  Awareness is how we grow our movement. Each adopter is our hero and every survivor is our ambassador.

Through the 5 Pillars of Rescue, No Dogs Left Behind is making measurable strides in East Asia, as well as globally, in the fight for animal welfare in all countries around the world.  If we continue on this path of recklessly slaughtering animals – and no slaughtering of any animal is humane– we will continue to fuel the existence of worldwide pandemics and global climate change.  Dogs are just but one part of this global issue that cries out for compassion, empathy and sustainability.  That is why we at No Dogs Left Behind are fighting for animal welfare laws all over the world.

We are the voice for the voiceless.  We fight the good fight. 

We fight on the frontlines with your support.

The East Asian dog trafficking crisis has been going on for hundreds of years, if not more. Our mission is to work with governments in East Asia, and we believe that China will lead the way to change in adopting animal welfare laws. This goal can only be reached by having the support and compassion of supporters just like yourself. It takes an army to create a movement that will eventually change a nation. We fight this war on all fronts – education, politically, financially, and culturally. Our entire organization operates on the Five Pillars of Rescue. Through this strategy, we will change the world. Our voices will get louder and louder for the voiceless.