Be Our Hero and Adopt a Survivor Today!

No Dogs Left Behind has rescued thousands of dogs from the dog meat markets and illegal dog traffickers. Through emergency response evacuations of slaughterhouse shutdowns, wet markets, dog meat truck interceptions and exposure of breeders we have made it our mission to save these exploited and vulnerable lives.

Yet we need everyday heroes like you to adopt and complete the mission. No rescue is finished until each dog finds a forever home.

*Please note there is a cost of transport for our dogs described as the Save A Second Life Donation. This required cost allows us to get the dog out of China and ultimately provides the funds for us to rescue another dog trapped in the illegal trafficking ring. Through adoption you not only give one dog a home your help save another dog from slaughter.

Adoption and Transport Fees – (USA):

*Due to COVID-19, regulations, airline availability, cost and logistics are ever-changing. The cost for adopting a survivor could change. We will keep our adopters updated with changes as they occur. We deliver our dogs to JFK and LAX, if you cannot pick up your survivor at either of the airports provided, please contact your adoption coordinator to discuss what options may be available.

  • $2290 for dogs under 50 lbs and a crate size of 80 cm or smaller
  • $2990 for dogs over 50 lbs and a crate size of 90 cm or larger

If you are interested in adopting a survivor and do not live in the contiguous United States, please reach out to your adoption coordinator to discuss what options may be available to you which would require additional transportation fees to be incurred.



For more adoption information on the adoption protocol please click on our Important Adoption Information page.

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