Be Our Hero and Adopt a Survivor Today!

No Dogs Left Behind has rescued thousands of dogs from the dog meat markets and illegal dog traffickers. Through emergency response evacuations of slaughterhouse shutdowns, wet markets, dog meat truck interceptions and exposure of breeders we have made it our mission to save these exploited and vulnerable lives. Yet we need everyday heroes like you to adopt and complete the mission. No rescue is finished until each dog finds a forever home.

Our Pay it Forward Fee for adopting a survivor from East Asia is $1900 (small dog) and $2300 (large dog) plus an additional separate fee of $350 charged to us from the CDC for the mandatory CDC veterinarian exam and USA rabies vaccination upon arrival at JFK Airport in NY in accordance with CDC regulations.

We do hope you will choose to adopt a survivor and we thank you for standing with us on the front lines of this war against animal cruelty.

Our adoption fees, which we refer to as a Pay it Forward Fee, only cover the costs that we incur to get the adopted dogs out of East Asia. There may be additional expenses if flights have to be re-routed to other countries or other airports within the United States. Adopters do not cover the costs of the dogs’ medical care or the food and care they receive while they remain in our sanctuaries. The Pay it Forward Fee, once collected, is immediately used to rescue another dog trapped in the illegal dog meat trade. Thus, through adoption, you not only give one dog a home, but you also help save another dog from slaughter.



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