Flight Volunteer

Do you want to be a hero and help fight the good fight?


We are appealing for people leaving China to help us get our dogs who are survivors of the dog meat trade to their adopters in Canada and the United Kingdom or Europe by serving as a flight volunteer.   

We need help getting our survivors to their new homes. 

We have over 100 adopted dogs who are currently waiting patiently at our shelters to fly to homes in Europe, the UK, and Canada. International travel restrictions and quarantines, due to Covid-19, have resulted in a significant reduction of tourists travelling in and out of China. This has resulted in our dogs staying in our sanctuaries for months (even over a year) waiting for their freedom flights.   

With adopted dogs unable to leave, we do not have enough room in our sanctuaries to continue our life-saving work because we have nowhere for them to go.  So we have a critical need to get these adopted dogs home.   


Being a flight volunteer takes very little effort on your part.


Being a flight volunteer is easy:  You’re already taking a trip and your flight is already booked.  All you are doing is adding some additional baggage —
a survivor of the dog meat trade who will catch a ride on your ticket.   

As a flight volunteer, you do very little.

We take care of all of the planning, logistics and payment for the excess baggage fee, including:

Obtaining the necessary health certificates; 

Making the reservations for the dog(s); 

Making sure the dog’s breed and weight are OK to fly; 

Checking that weather conditions will be OK for the trip; and

Providing the crate and everything necessary for the flight. 

We meet flight volunteers at the airport with the dog(s), pay any fees and help check the dog(s) in. 

Upon arrival, a volunteer or an adopter will meet you at the airport to take possession of the dog(s).


Be a hero to a survivor today!

So, if you are planning to fly to Europe, the UK, and Canada, whether you have an existing reservation or not, please email flightvolunteer@nodogsleftbehind.com or fill out the form below.