Jeff Beri’s Story

Founder of No Dogs Left Behind

Jeffrey Beri founded No Dogs Left Behind after successfully leading a historic rescue effort in 2016, which culminated in the transport of 121 Yulin slaughterhouse survivors from Asia, to their forever homes in the United States.

Jeffrey and his team spent eight months on the ground in East Asia rehabilitating, medically treating and socializing the dogs, developing effective shelter operation protocols, and establishing a vaccination and microchipping program. Through allied partnership, this historic rescue accomplished what no one had ever done before: executing a full-scale rescue operation from slaughterhouse to final transport, with the largest number of dogs that had ever been attempted, all within an eight-month period.

Not stopping there, Jeffrey went back to East Asia to bring 50 more dogs out of the dog meat trade, drawing on the experience he had gained in the first rescue, and implementing the same shelter protocols he had developed.

Lover of Dogs

Jeffrey wasn’t always devoting his life to fighting the illegal dog meat trade.

He studied at the Allami Penzero Academy in Budapest, Hungary – a prestigious European school specializing in all aspects of jewelry design, manufacturing, and marketing. From there, he went on to build a successful career in jewelry design, filling a key role in the manufacturing and quality control of the product line for renown jeweler, David Yurman.

Yulin Survivor Iron

Jeffrey had built the life he had always dreamed of, but something was missing. Spending time with the slaughterhouse survivors in East Asia, many of whom were experiencing human kindness for the first time in their lives, Jeffrey knew he had found his calling. No Dogs Left Behind was more than a name – it was his life’s mission.

Dogs victimized by the dog meat trade suffer horrific abuse. They are beaten, bound with wire around their jaws and feet, and crammed into sharp metal cages, where they endure long transports without any food or water. At the time they are rescued, they are wounded, starved, dehydrated, sick, and terrified. It takes countless hours of patient effort to show these survivors that they are safe, and to teach them to trust humans again. Jeffrey and his team work tirelessly with the dogs to train, rehabilitate and socialize them, a critical step to ensure they are ready for adoption.

Helping these brave survivors find their forever loving homes is the most rewarding part for Jeffrey and the No Dogs Left Behind team. As they walk the streets of other countries around the world, they are living, breathing ambassadors for change, raising awareness of the need for animal welfare laws, and for an end to animal cruelty.

Jeffrey and Team work

For several years now, Jeffrey and his team have been working to save dogs from being ruthlessly and inhumanely slaughtered for consumption. Advancing the No Dogs Left Behind mission, they partner with local activists, establishing safe havens on the ground in East Asia, and develop international alliances.

Until all of the dog meat trucks are empty, until every wire cage is destroyed, and until every slaughterhouse is shut down, No Dogs Left Behind will not stop fighting to end the dog meat trade in every corner of the world.