Emergency Rescue Response


Emergency response is what sets No Dogs Left Behind apart from other rescue and response teams in East Asia. Once No Dogs Left Behind is alerted and intel related to a slaughterhouse, dog meat truck, illegal dog dealer or wet market is verified by our allies, Jeffrey begins coordinating and dispatching the efforts needed to systematically conduct the rescue with precision. Time is of the essence as dogs are often being slaughtered on site and lives hang in the balance.

No Dogs Left Behind does not exchange money for dogs. Rather we aim to shut down and intercept dogs being traded and sold by illegal dealers and traffickers. These illegal dog traffickers lack the required documentation for animal trade. This criminal dog cartel often acts as any cartel would with violence and lawlessness. The brave activists and No Dogs Left Behind team risk their own safety for the life of the dogs.

Step 2: Emergency Care

Directly following emergency response, the dogs are taken to partnering veterinarians. The dogs are separated into groups to reduce the risk of retaliation from butchers and dog dealers. Many large breed dogs are outlawed in East Asia. No Dogs Left Behind moves the large breed dogs covertly to dedicated vets who help ensure their safety.

A large majority of the dogs have suffered tremendous cruelty or torture. Some are pumped with water to inflate their weight for sale. Others have severe clap wounds on their face, jaws and heads. Some dogs will have broken bones, exposed bone, maggots, and other signs of severe abuse, neglect and torture. In extreme cases dogs may have a severed limb. In this case the dogs are treated by severity of the wounds in a triage approach, so each dog has the best chance at survival.

While at the vet ALL dogs are vaccinated, de-wormed and evaluated through the highest No Dogs Left Behind medical protocols. These protocols must be met, and dogs observed for 5-10 days before being allowed to enter one of our refugee bases.

Step 3: Transport to one of our three locations, Beijing, Dayi or Gongyi.

Once the dogs are healthy enough to travel, a transport is arranged to move the dogs from the vet to one of our 3 locations. This move involves extensive planning as there is still risk the butchers and dog dealers may be waiting to retaliate and reclaim the dogs. Safety is the highest priority as we arrange for the dogs to be relocated.

Upon arrival at the No Dogs Left Behind shelter the dogs are monitored and evaluated for behavior issues, health issues, and other varying concerns.

During this time the dogs begin the rehabilitation process. Through compassion, patience, kindness, care and attention to detail each dog begins to experience a routine of regular feedings, park time, leash walks and human interaction.

As the dogs adjust and thrive in their new environment their profiles are created, and our adoptions staff begins placing them on the website. The next step is a forever loving home.

Adoption is the final step in our 5-pillar approach. Yet in order to complete this vital step we rely on the everyday heroes who give our dogs a home. Please consider adopting. No rescue is complete until each dog has a family to call their own.