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What will I need to do as a foster parent?

Along with providing love and safety to our survivors, fosters are responsible for the daily care of our survivors, including feeding, exercising, socializing, grooming, and helping them with basic commands. We can provide financial assistance for necessary vet visits when coordinated and scheduled with our NDLB Team. Fosters are also responsible to be available for meet and greets with possible adopters when scheduled in advance by the Adoption Team. We also encourage our fosters to promote our survivors on their social media channels to help us find the perfect adopter for our dogs.

What is the process for fostering an NDLB survivor?

  1. Potential adopters are required to submit a foster application on our website. 
  2. Once received, one of our Foster Coordinators will send you an email to schedule a telephone interview.  
  3. If approved to foster, you will be added to our Foster Network Group.
  4. When we have a need for a foster, we will send out an email with details about the dog/dogs who need a foster home.  
  5. If interested, fosters should respond to the email and a member of the NDLB Team will reach out to you.
  6. Once matched, the following will occur:
  • A foster agreement will be sent to you for your signature;
  • A home visit will be arranged (if possible) to confirm that your home will work for our foster’s needs (in lieu of a home visit, we may ask for videos and photos of the home);
  • A copy of our Survivor Foster Handbook and Foster Cheat Sheet will be sent to you to provide you with helpful information and tips about caring for our survivors of the dog meat trade; and
  • Our foster follow-up schedule will be discussed to ensure we have an open line of communication in place that best suits everyone.

How long does a NDLB survivor generally stay in foster care?

Foster stays can vary with each dog. There can be many factors that influence the length of stay. We ask that you be prepared to foster your dog until a suitable “forever” home is found.  It’s impossible to predict how long this will take.  Some dogs are adopted quickly, and others take weeks or even months.

Do I have to be home with a NDLB survivor all day?

No. Many foster family members are employed outside the home and still provide a quality environment for our survivors. We do, however, require that any time you are unable to supervise one of our survivors, that he or she be confined to a secure and SAFE area in your home.  Having a crate available is fine, but the door should be left open for the dog to go in and out of the crate.  Our survivors should not be confined to a crate all day because of their fear and past experiences of being confined in a small cage under horrific circumstances.  Doing so could be detrimental to their mental well-being.

Do I need to live in a house or have a fenced yard?

No.  While a fenced in yard is ideal for our survivors, we understand that many interested fosters do not have this.   Fostering is so important for our survivors, so provided the home environment is safe for the dog and the foster commits to walking our survivor three times a day (minimum) and ensures adequate exercise, a house or fenced in yard is not mandatory.  We will permit our survivors to be fostered in apartments and condominiums under these terms, provided your lease or condominium board permits dogs and the breed or size is not restricted

May I choose which NDLB survivor I foster?

Our foster opportunities come up on an as-needed basis for the most part and are for survivors who are already in the United States or Canada.  Therefore, we generally will be looking for a foster or fosters for a specific survivor or survivors.  Survivors who have had their freedom flight sponsored by a generous donor are available on our website for adoption and foster.  In the event they are booked on a freedom flight before they are adopted, a foster will be needed.  In these cases, fosters may apply to foster a specific survivor.  Ultimately, though, the match of a foster with a survivor depends on many factors and will be determined by the NDLB Team.  All foster matching decisions will be made with the best interest of the survivor in mind.

What if I have questions or problems when I foster a NDLB survivor?

You will not be alone in the fostering process.  You should contact a NDLB Team member for questions and reach out immediately if any issues arise.  We are here to support you!

What if we want to travel?

If you are fostering and are going away for a weekend or taking a vacation and cannot take our survivor with you, you will need to reach out to a NDLB Team member to coordinate a temporary foster to watch him/her while you are away.  We ask for a minimum of two weeks advance notice.

What if I want to adopt the NDLB survivor I am fostering?

We love foster fails and we definitely encourage them!  However, while our survivors are being fostered, they are still made available for adoption on our website and adoption platforms.  Our survivors can be adopted out at any time, and we process adoption applications on a first come, first serve basis.  If at any point you decide that you would like to adopt your foster dog, you must notify our Adoptions Team.  

How much does it cost to foster a NDLB survivor?

Our mission is to save dogs from the dog meat trade in East Asia and our donations are not intended to cover the day-to-day care of foster dogs.  Therefore, we ask our fosters to cover the costs associated with basic essentials for our survivors: food, water, bedding, toys, and treats.  We provide a martingale collar and leash and any medically necessary services that our survivor needs provided the veterinary appointment is made by the NDLB Team.  

Can I foster if I have cats or children?

We try our best to match fosters with survivors who will do well in the foster’s home environment.  For survivors coming directly from our sanctuaries in East Asia, we have limited ability to test their disposition around cats or children, although our team in East Asia does have a general idea of the survivor’s temperament.  We provide new fosters with information to help them introduce our survivors to their family and other animals, but we can make no guarantees on how they will get along.  If you feel like the survivor is not a good fit, or if we are concerned that it is not a good fit, we will make different arrangements for our survivor and can keep you on the list for other fosters that become available.  

What should I do if a NDLB survivor needs medical care?

If our survivor needs medical attention while in foster care, NDLB must be contacted immediately so that we need authorize a care plan with one of our veterinarians.  Any veterinary care must be coordinated with, and approved by, NDLB prior to seeking treatment in order for any charges to be reimbursed.  

What should I do if a NDLB survivor has a medical emergency?

We always want to make sure all our survivors get the very best medical care – especially in the case of an emergency. If your foster survivor has an obvious and clear emergency (hit by car, serious fight with an animal, ingestion of dangerous object), contact an NDLB Team member immediately and inform them that you will be taking the animal to your nearest emergency vet. We will provide you with instructions and help determine next steps.  

What if I am not able to foster a NDLB survivor but still want to support NDLB?

We understand that while many people have a desire to foster a survivor, some may not be able to take on the commitment that this would require – that’s okay! There are still ways to help support us.  You can help by volunteering, liking, and sharing our social media posts, and donating to our organization, which will allow us to continue the important work that we do. Please visit us at to learn more about ways that you can make a difference.

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