Beloved German Shepherd Stolen From Pet Owner’s Backyard

November 28, 2018

dog meat trade china

Far too often we see stories like this of pets getting stolen out of owner’s backyards.  It’s a horrible story to hear about but the fact of the matter is that many of these East Asian dog meat traders can’t find the supply they need from dog meat farms, so they start stealing from people’s homes.

In East Asia, pet owners treat their animals much differently than in the United States.  In the United States, we treat our pets as if they are our children, usually allowing them indoors and sleeping in nice, warm comfortable beds.

Not in East Asia.  Even though there are many Chinese that keep pets and love them very much, they are mostly chained outside and not allowed to come into the house for any reason.  For this reason, pets kept in this matter make them easy targets for dog meat traders and is a huge and growing problem in the industry.

An urgent message went out this morning of a beautiful German Shepherd being stolen:

Our unit lost a German Shepherd near Shenbei Fourth Ring Road.  His name is Harry. The dog is big, but very good, very clingy, and won’t bite.  Everyone in the unit loved it, and now we’re all anxious to find it.  Please help us to forward this information.  Contact info:  Mr. So  186 4006 7395

dog meat traders steal dogs in chinaThe heartbreaking truth is that dog was loved and cherished by his owner and is probably already suffering a brutal fate.  We must scream loud and let the officials in East Asia know that this IS NOT ok!

The question becomes how can we change these practices?  The hard truth is that the dog meat trade is very similar to drug trafficking.  There are “cartels” and gangs that are paid by butchers to get supply.

This most recent article written by Channel News Asia, speaks upon the profits made by restaurant owners who prepare dog right in the back of the restaurant for their patrons in Cambodia, one of the worst perpetrators of eating dog meat.

Though we may not be able to save beloved Harry, his disappearance will not go unnoticed.  We will fight for the voiceless and continue to fight until we win this war.  Through education outreach, emergency response, and proper exposure to the media about what goes on in these slaughterhouses and dog gangs, we will end this.

Please share this article so that Harry’s story is heard and his possible death is not in vain.

Please support No Dogs Left Behind in fighting against this cruelty and brutal trade.  Together we can make a change!