NDLB founder Jeffrey Beri visits Soi Dog

December 15, 2022

Throughout the years working to save dogs from the dog meat trade in East Asia, setting up operations, sanctuaries, meeting with activists, teaching students about animal welfare and fighting for global animal welfare laws, NDLB founder Jeff Beri has had many
opportunities to work with and help other organizations, like Humane Society International, SPCA International, Golden Bond Rescue, Kabul Small Animal Rescue, and, in the early days, we had an extremely important connection with Soi Dog. A foundation that was so instrumental in our efforts going forward to today.

Soi Dog was so helpful and supportive to No Dogs Left Behind in our early years! We would like to give thanks to John Daley and Soi Dog for coming to the support of Jeff Beri and No Dogs Left Behind during our early stages as we fought to save lives at Yulin – the Yulin Dog Meat Festival – and evacuate Yulin Survivors from the dire straits out of China, evacuating them in extremely harsh and dangerous conditions, to forever loving families in the United States. Soi Dog is currently doing great work to end the Philippines dog meat trade as well as the South Korean Dog Meat Trade. While these areas do not have the same magnitude of dog slaughtered for meat, China slaughters 20 million dogs a year, we are so thankful with all they have been able to accomplish in these other countries! It takes a village and we want to end the dog meat trade..everywhere!

Beri learned so much from his work with Soi Dog. A particular visit has proven helpful through our years saving lives and is also important for our work saving dogs in war torn Ukraine right now! Early on, Beri met with John Daley founder of Soi Dog Foundation, at the Soi Dog Adoption facilities to participate in field operations on humane methods to halt the growing population of dogs and cats. Strays are afraid and unsure of humans. You cannot help an animal if you cannot catch them. In this instance, where no other method works, rescuers will use blow darts thus allowing them to catch strays, sterilize and vaccinate, then, rehabilitate them for adoption.

No Dogs Left Behind and Soi Dog, who is saving dogs in the Philippines and continues to use this humane method of saving certain dogs who otherwise would be impossible to catch, to treat and rehabilitate.