Yulin dog meat festival through a newspaper article

July 18, 2022

We first became aware of the Yulin dog meat festival through a newspaper article. We were sickened in our minds and our souls by this brutal practice, and we were determined to do our best to help. We contacted NDLB, and Jeff Beri, the founder, took the time to video call us from China. We ended up adopting Atticus, Jennifer, Breezy, and Macy (now Koto). They all have happy lives, and we are forever grateful to NDLB and Jeff Beri for rescuing these dogs from a horrible death. Not everyone has the space to adopt four dogs, but many people can and should adopt at least one dog; you will change their life, and they will change yours. Kudos to Jeff Beri and the staff and volunteers of NDLB for their courageous and important work.

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