Jeff Beri’s wonderful mission

August 1, 2022

In 2020, we became aware of No Dogs Left Behind and Jeff Beri’s wonderful mission. Having traveled to China, we were aware of the Yulin Festival, wet markets, and live animal trade. NDLB’s commitment to not just rescuing dogs but educating students and working cooperatively with government officials to advocate for animal welfare laws resonated with us.

In March of 2021, dogs from the Ya’An emergency response were being posted on the NDLB adoption site. While scrolling through available dogs, we came across a black miniature poodle named Chloe and a white Poochon named Pebbles. It was love at first sight. When NDLB sent us a video of these two dogs, it was obvious they were a bonded pair. We immediately adopted both of them. They needed to continue their life journey together.

NDLB was exceptional and totally transparent throughout the entire process. We received regular updates, photos, videos, and information on our dogs as well as the progress of their travel plans. Chloe and Pebbles arrived in Canada 8 months later. After a short stay at the sanctuary, Jeff found them an amazing foster family. Iris and Stefano treated our dogs as if they were their own. We are forever grateful to them for all that they did to help Chloe and Pebbles through the adjustment process. After completing their 6 month quarantine, Jeff personally drove our dogs across the border.

Chloe and Pebbles are now happily settled in their forever home and are loving their new lives. They are the most adorable, loving, sweet, intelligent, and well adjusted dogs. They are totally bonded with us and are great with our cats. We could not have asked for two better dogs! The wait was well worth it, and we would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you, Jeff and NDLB, for rescuing, rehabilitating, and bringing Chloe and Pebbles home to us. You are the best!

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