You Have Changed My Life Forever…..

December 1, 2019

I remember when I first learned of the Yulin Dog Meat festival. It was a while back, I was scrolling through Instagram and Hillary Swank had posted something about stopping Yulin and I remember thinking what is that? The best and worst thing that I ever did was google about that festival. I was devastated, crying hysterically, I knew I wanted to do something, I had to do something.

Using my dog walking business as a platform I was constantly sharing information with my clients and walkers, asking them to spread the word, sign petitions, donate etc. I still felt as though I was not doing enough. Then through my searches I found No Dogs Left Behind.

I had not yet read about a group this active in Yulin from the United States. I was instantly drawn to the passion of this organization and I knew I wanted to adopt through them and get  more involved. I will never be able to thank them enough for the gift that they have given to my family.

Watson fit in from the moment he walked in the door. We connected instantly and I am whole heartedly in love with my baby boy. This family of four was definitely meant to be a family of five. Watson rocks his NDLB leash loud and proud in hopes to be able to spread the word of where he came from and how so many of those babies still need our help.

I will continue my fight, and I look forward to staying involved with NDLB by volunteering and eventually adopting and bringing home Watson and his two sisters a baby brother or sister. Thank you No Dogs Left Behind. You have changed my life forever, for the better.

Liz Bliese



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