Without NDLB so many families would still be incomplete!

December 25, 2020

Piper is all love and cuddles, the epitome of a thankful, happy dog that no one would ever guess came from such an uncertain background. 

When my family learned about No Dogs Left Behind, we instantly felt a connection to their mission. We have always believed that the life of every dog should be one of love and comfort. Seeing NDLB working toward that mission solidified our resolve to become a part of their story. 

We applied to adopt Custard in the midst of 2020, a year of uncertainty and fear for many, but especially for the dogs across China. Throughout the process, updates were plentiful, even as flights were canceled and our date to unite was uncertain. NDLB worked tirelessly to save lives and update our family on the life of our little girl as we waited to meet her. 

When Custard arrived we renamed her Piper, our red-headed cuddle bug who has convinced us to follow her anywhere. She has surprised us with her silly personality, her love of squeaky toys, and her dancing for treats. Our other two rescues have accepted her into the pack, and seeing them together has convinced us our family is now complete. 

Without NDLB so many families would still be incomplete. The dogs they’ve saved have made their way into so many hearts, and for that, we are so grateful. The incredible resiliency of the dogs saved is only matched with the strength and work ethic of the workers of No Dogs Left Behind as they save lives and complete families.

Thank you. 

Bryan, Kaitlyn, Piper, Liam, & Cora