Whelp @+1 (917) 767-0134 and @+1 (859) 816-5698 our family finally made the trip to Canada and picked up our Sandy girl!!!

July 3, 2022

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect journey. @+1 (778) 951-6459 and her partner Brett took the absolute best care of Sandy while she waited the 6 months of quarantine for us to get her. We are indebted to them for opening their home and their hearts to Sandy ♥️ She made it safely across the boarder and is now part of her forever home. Sandy is our perfect angel sent down to us. Thank you NDLB for the incredibly hard but necessary work that you all do. Especially your fearless leader, @+1 (917) 767-0134. Your work inspires me. We are beyond grateful that you made it possible for Sandy to be with us. Please except our deepest thanks 🙏