We love NDLB and we LOVE Scooby so much.

December 21, 2020

“Why are you adopting a dog from Asia rather than from a local shelter?” A fair question our family is often confronted with.

When we were looking into adopting a dog, we came across NDLB. In support of their mission to end the illegal dog meat trade and to create and enforce animal welfare laws in China, we decided to stand with them and become advocates for NDLB ourselves. Adopting one of their rescued dogs meant not only saving one life but helping NDLB in their tireless and continuous efforts to fight animal cruelty and — hopefully — creating a more sustainable world.

Our miniature poodle Scooby is like a dream come true! He is house-trained, calm, and super affectionate, a true testament to NDLB and their rehabilitation efforts after a dog has been saved.

It’s a win/win situation. We love NDLB and we LOVE Scooby so much.

Tiziana Haugh