We could not be happier with our experience with No Dogs Left Behind

December 11, 2020

We are so grateful for No DogsLeft Behind and the hard work their team does rescuing and caring for these beautiful innocent dogs. We welcomed a little poodle named Moon into our home in Montreal a little over two weeks ago and it truly feels like she has been with us forever. She is the most loving, cuddly, trusting, and sweet girl. It is clear that No Dogs Left Behind has shown these dogs how to love and trust humans again while in their care. You would never know that she was a rescue, she is so playful with every human and dog that she comes into contact with. They put the dogs on a great schedule that is very easy to follow after being adopted- she is already on our schedule and is a great walker!

We adopted Moon in early March 2019 and had to wait until November 2020 to get her home because of Covid. This was especially hard for Canadians but Jeff and Brandy and their team made sure that the dogs got to us safely. We got videos and updates of Moon from Brandy and the team at No Dogs Left Behind whenever we asked and it truly made the wait so much better- we saw that she was being loved and was very happy at the sanctuary. No Dogs Left Behind really did everything in their power to get our dog home to us as soon as possible and we are forever grateful!! The 9-month wait was worth every second. We could not be happier with our experience with No Dogs Left Behind and this beautiful addition to our family. If you have the opportunity to rescue a dog, do not think twice! They will show you gratitude and love like no other❤️
Jamie Besner

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