We are so unbelievably happy with our adopted girl

December 11, 2020

We are so unbelievably happy with our adopted girl Faye (Lucille). We adopted her back in April 2020 after following the stories of fellow adopters who had adopted a few months prior. We reached out for more information from some of the wonderful adopters of Wonton, Yoshi, and Georgie the corgis and they were so helpful and definitely influenced our decision to adopt from No Dogs Left Behind. We instantly fell in love with the little fluffy nervous corgi named Lucille! She looked like she needed a lot of love and patience but we saw past her shy exterior and knew our home needed her in it! After a long 7 months of waiting due to Covid-19 and flight restrictions, our brave girl and 80 other dogs flew from China to JFK where they were welcomed by their new families and amazing volunteers! We couldn’t pick her up at JFK being in Canada and had to arrange for transport to Canada along with 8 other amazing pups! The volunteers at the airport were amazing. We received pictures and videos of our girl being unloaded from the cargo area and her first steps on US soil before she was driven with her Canadian bound buddies to meet us!

We are truly amazed at how resilient this sweet girl is. She was so nervous and scared in China but as soon as we got her in our car, we saw a beautiful brave soul who instantly felt right at home. Perky ears and head tilts on the way home as we told her how much we loved her. After almost 2 weeks with us, she is a totally different dog. She gets excited about her food, loves the couch and her corgi brother’s bed that she immediately claimed as her own by peeing on it the first day. She will snuggle with us and sleeps in our bed curled up beside us. She loves every dog she meets including her brother Deku. She does excite tippy taps and jumps around with joy. Faye and Deku get to come to work with me every day in my grooming salon or in the dog daycare, they are definitely spoiled pups! She’s still nervous about people and us sometimes but she follows us everywhere and knows she’s safe with us. We wouldn’t trade her for anything ❤ thank you Jeff Beri and the NDLB staff for bringing our girl home to us! ✈️.
Taylor Vincent