Vita’s Story

December 7, 2018

“I am very honored to write a testimony about Vita. We didn’t look for another dog when my husband got word that a rescue German shepherd was in need of a home.

He got a pic of her and seeing the pictures he wanted to meet her. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the appointment but could tell he was falling for Youyi.

Youji got from the beginning along so well with the ruler of the house, Benno, 14-month-old German shepherd, that I did regret not to see them together.

Karina offered, very much to my surprise, that Youji could stay and I get the chance to meet her. When I got home I couldn’t believe it, the dogs looked together that it was meant to be.

One look at Youyi and I was in love. We knew that she has her forever home.  Youji is with us for more than 4 weeks.

We have seen no behavior issues at all. We still can’t believe it, not even an accident in the house.  She seems to be rehabilitated so well. Karina made the adoption process so easy, we still can’t believe that we got this great dog.

Thank you to Jeff and Karina for the good work.  We are forever grateful.

P.S. I have two people who will look for possible adoption based on my recommendations.  Moore happy dogs to come!

Youji is now Vita, in honor of life. She loves her brothers Simba, 11 months mini poodle and Bello 10-year-old golden retriever as well. We are very grateful for how easy all worked.

Thank you, Karina.”

New York