Thank you No Dogs Left Behind! We are forever thankful for you all!

February 11, 2021

Adopting from No Dogs Left Behind is and will always be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. We adopted two dogs from No Dogs Left Behind. We have only had them 2 weeks, but we already can’t imagine life without them. They are the sweetest, most gentle, and loving dogs. We are in absolute awe of them.

I can’t recommend adopting from No Dogs Left Behind enough. It will take you and your family’s full commitment toward your new baby (as with any new pet), but boy has it been the most rewarding experience. Witnessing my pups’ pure happiness to finally be free and in a home of their own is the most amazing feeling. All of the dogs at No Dogs Left Behind deserve to have the same happy ending as mine – I wish I could adopt them all!

The process to adopt with No Dogs Left Behind was flawless! Jeff and all of the staff are amazing and extremely involved throughout the entire process. I adopted my dogs at the beginning of January, literally right as Covid came to the US, so I waited over 10 months for them (which is obviously not the norm). I was so impressed with how much effort the team put into keeping me updated with everything regarding my dogs. I got weekly videos of them, got updates on their vaccines and health exams, I was even able to FaceTime with them! By the time I got my dogs, I felt like I already knew them, which made the reunion that much sweeter.

I never once doubted Jeff and his commitment to my dogs. It is clear that Jeff has a deep bond with every single dog he rescues and he is fully devoted to keeping them safe and healthy and getting them into their new homes. He goes above and beyond in every way! Jeff and his team worked tirelessly every day to find a way to get my babies home to me in the midst of travel restrictions due to Covid. In the end, their efforts were successful and I am now beyond blessed with two healthy, adorable, loving, and perfect babies. Thank you No Dogs Left Behind! We are forever thankful for you all!

Gwen Kelly