December 8, 2018

“I adopted Rexy in July from Trina and Friends. She has been such an amazing addition to our family.

When I saw Rexy’ s picture online there was an instant connection. I had adopted a puppy, Brandee, in February and was looking to adopt a companion for her.

When I was called regarding the application placed I was immediately told about Rexy coming from China. I immediately interrupted because Brandee was also from China.

I couldn’t believe the chances of now rescuing 2 dogs coming from the same situation! I knew that Brandee instantly was my love so I felt it was like fate.

I was nervous when picking up Rexy because I was unsure how the 2 dogs would interact. They didn’t instantly get along but as the weeks passed Rexy adapted so well and now they absolutely love each other.

Rexy is so well behaved and was an instant love. I feel so blessed being loved by both of them and giving them the love and life they truly deserve in return.

Thank you to all the amazing people at NDLB  and Trina & Friends for all that you do.”

~ Nicole T.
New York