Raffy’s Story

July 12, 2018

“We received Raffy in great health and he has been a wonderful addition to our family and home. It was clear from the time we received the dog from No Dogs Left Behind that Raffy had been well taken care of and treated with kindness and love.

Raffy is one of the most gentle animals we have come across, and that was an important factor in the addition of an animal to our household as we have other smaller animals. It is very apparent that work had been done to socialize Raffy with people and other animals, and we could not be happier with the entire process of the adoption.

From the beginning, Jeffrey a No Dogs Left Behind have communicated with us, provided up front clear information, and guided us throughout the process of the adoption. There have been no surprises or unexpected difficulties that have occurred, and we are very happy with our experience.

In addition to a transparent adoption process, the wonderful people at No Dogs Left Behind have continued to communicate with us showing support, appreciation, and a genuine interest in Raffy’s continued progress and integration into our family. This is where this organization, doing so much good in such a faraway place, truly sets itself apart.

I know that the people at No Dogs Left Behind are sincere and passionate about what they do, and it is a privilege to be a satellite to a group of individuals doing incredible work so that these animals can have a fighting chance. Raffy is a big fan too!”

~Martin and Silvana D.