December 14, 2018

I adopted Parker, formerly known as Coffee, in August and he has been in our family for 4 months now. He has adjusted so well to our family. He is keen on routines which have helped with training.

He was housebroken when we got him and makes sure to signal when he needs to go out. He had separation anxiety that he quickly grew out of once he became adjusted to the schedule of our family.

He now can be left home alone, without being crated, and will not ruin anything or go to the bathroom in the house. He loves to be around people and sleeps with me in my bed.

He is good with other dogs and enjoys going to the dog park and going on hikes.

Adopting from NDLB has been a great experience and I am so grateful to have been able to help such an amazing organization and to have Parker in my life.

-Nicole Dambrosio