Our whole family loves Jeff and all the members of NDLB!

December 23, 2020

Last December I saw a video of a little cute Naughty(Shelby then) who wrote a letter to Santa on Facebook wishing a loving family of her own. It touched our heart so much we wanted to make her wish come true. She finally came home right after Thanksgiving. We fell in love with her easily right away. Despite the unthinkable torture by dog traders and recent tough long journey, she is such a love bug always showing trust and appreciation.

First night at home, she already flipped her belly for me to rub. This amazing girl learned basic English and our daily routine in only a week!  She came completely house trained, very easy to take care of. She has a happy soul and enjoys playing with toys and her new sister and precious park pal at Beijing shelter. Thanks to her rescue and 3-1/2 years of training and rehabilitation at Beijing shelter by NDLB, we are so lucky to pick another winner!  She brings a tremendous amount of joy to the family.

We are forever grateful for their unbelievable work!  Our whole family loves Jeff and all the members of NDLB!

Leona Pan