My wife and I feel like our hearts are whole again and are grateful to be part of the NDLB family!

January 5, 2021

This past June, my family unexpectedly lost our 2yo border collie/terrier mix, Lady, while she was undergoing a routine dental cleaning.  She had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and was unable to be revived. My wife and I, along with our other dog, Henry (6yo Male pom/heeler mix), were devastated by Lady’s passing.  We had a hole in our hearts and our family was searching for that missing piece.  I was browsing Petfinder and other adoption sites looking for a female herding breed, preferably border collie, and came across Cowgirl’s page, which then brought me to No Dogs Left Behind.  I watched her video, showed it to my wife, and after discussing it for a bit we both agreed Cowgirl would be a perfect match for us! 

So, we committed to her adoption in mid-July knowing that it could take many months for her to be transported.  NDLB treated us like family from the start—Jeff even sent us a personalized video with him and Cowgirl—and Devon kept us informed of any updates.  When the opportunity arose for Cowgirl to be transported sooner than expected, we jumped at the chance to bring her home.  Brandy was especially helpful during this time period.  Cowgirl’s flight was the week of Thanksgiving and she needed to be transported from NYC to North Carolina. Thankfully, Brandy was able to recommend a service called Citizen Shipper that connected us to pet transporters.  Cowgirl finally arrived home at 4:45 AM the Sunday after Thanksgiving and she has been truly amazing ever since.  She is so incredibly sweet, playful, and intelligent.  My wife and I (and Henry) feel like our hearts are whole again and are grateful to be part of the NDLB family!

Matt Fram