Mimi and NiuNiu

December 8, 2018

I found out about the DMT on social media and immediately went into action. I researched rescues to adopt a survivor.

I fell in love with Mimi the moment I saw his picture and knew I had to go get him. This lead me to raise money, fly to China and volunteer with NDLB.

I stayed a week and helped care for the 6.19.18 survivors and the resident dogs (including NiuNiu who slept with me every night in China ). I flew home with Mimi and 5 other dogs whose adoptees met me in Chicago.

It was the most amazing experience I have had next to having my daughter. Mimi was amazing from the start.

I was very anxious how he would be in a home setting. He has been perfection, he took time to warm up but less than a month after arriving he is my total lap dog. He is well behaved on walks and loves life.

Two months later another volunteer and I drove to NYC to pick up NiuNiu and KiKi. I was only supposed to foster NiuNiu but that was an epic fail as my family and I fell in love yet again with this little girl. She has blended in beautifully with my family and we just can’t get enough of these two.

Oh did I mention I already had a two-year-old Great Dane? They all get along great and I now have three black and white pups!

Thank you to Jeffrey and Lia and everyone who helps No Dogs Left Behind! They risk their lives every day to save these precious souls and I am so lucky to call these two mine!”

~Megan B.