I met Jeff Beri from NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND at the Toronto airport He had just travelled from China with crates of dogs he fought with love to save.

July 3, 2022

There were many people waiting for the foster dog they would be collecting
The excitement was contagious as we all waited for our dogs to come out
I picked up Morgan, a Golden. I was fostering her until the 6 mos was up and she could move to Rochester. I also adopted Juan, a once terrified and for good reason vicious dog.
Jeff was incredible. The dogs were obviously cared for and they adjusted in no time
The efforts of this group, the caring, concern, love and medical attn. are quite obvious.
Jeff is there for any questions or concerns.
I am so full of appreciation and love for Jeff and this group.
I intend to foster and adopt again.
Thank you doesnt seem enough but thank you Jeff ❤️