I cannot thank Jeff and his wonderful team enough for their dedication to this cause

March 15, 2021

I discovered NDLB (No Dogs Left Behind) in a Daily Mail article about dogs rescued from the meat trade in East Asia. I had been aware of this horrific industry for years, and was excited to discover that an organization was actively working to rescue the victims. The Daily Mail story showed dogs arriving at JFK and being taken home by their ecstatic new families.

Before long, I was scrolling through the list of unadopted dogs on the NDLB website. When I saw Sandy’s (now Luna’s) face, I knew I had to bring her home. Her big, intelligent eyes seemed to stare right into mine. I did some research and learned more about the NDLB mission and the brave work that Jeff and his people do to rescue these dogs from a horrific fate, and I decided that the least I could do is give Luna a safe, loving home.

The NDLB team kept us updated with video chat messages over the next few anxious months while we waited for our little survivor to reach our shores. Since that freezing January day at JFK when met her for the first time, Luna has been very loving and sweet-tempered. She is becoming more curious and playful by the day, and is such a perfect fit with our two other dogs that it feels like she has been a part of our family from the start.

Everyone I have dealt with at NDLB has been helpful, communicative, and passionate about ending the nightmare conditions of dogs in East Asia. Their passion is catching, too. So much so that I am now eagerly looking forward to meeting my second NDLB adoptee. I cannot thank Jeff and his wonderful team enough for their dedication to this cause. If you are reading this and considering adopting one of the canine survivors that NDLB has rescued, take the next step.

Amy Carrico