I am so thankful to NDLB for the amazing and brave work that they do!! NDLB are heroes.

March 4, 2021

I first heard about NDLB through a family in my state, North Carolina, who had adopted a dog through the organization. As I learned more about NDLB, I was absolutely touched by the amazing work that they do to rescue animals from unspeakable suffering. I wanted to do more to help the organization, so I went on the NDLB Instagram page, and I saw dogs that they had for up adoption.

As I scrolled through the different dogs, my heart broke for them and wished that I could adopt them all, but as I continued scrolling, I landed on an image of one dog in particular. Her name was Sweet Potato, and as soon as I saw her picture I knew I wanted to give her a home where she would be loved. So in January 2020, I adopted Sweet Potato! Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, her transport was delayed indefinitely.

Obviously, I was disappointed but understood completely and anxiously awaited the time when Sweet Potato could come home. The staff was phenomenal by sending pictures and videos and keeping in touch so that even though Sweet Potato wasn’t home yet, I could still see her. Then, in January 2021, we finally got the news that Sweet Potato was on her way to the US! I could not wait! My mom and I drove 9 hours from our hometown in North Carolina to New York to pick up Sweet Potato. On “pick-up” day, we finally got the chance to meet some of the amazing staff and volunteers of NDLB who made the process of picking-up Sweet Potato so seamless and we’re so loving and caring towards all of the dogs. Finally, after a year, I was finally able to meet Sweet Potato for the first time.

She was very scared and timid at first, but during the ride home, she began to relax and feel safer. Since then, her personality has begun to shine at home, and after a few days, she began to fit right in. She loves walking around outside, and she is in love with her bed, but her two favorite things in the world are tummy rubs and food. I am so thankful to NDLB for the amazing and brave work that they do and for providing me the chance to give Sweet Potato a home full of love for the rest of her life that every dog deserves. I believe in the mission of NDLB so much, and I am so grateful to the fantastic staff and volunteers who made Sweet Potato’s homecoming happen against so many challenges. NDLB are heroes.

Kari Kox