I am beyond grateful for everything they have done for my Dusty.

December 23, 2020

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Jeff Beri and the No Dogs Left Behind team for rescuing and nurturing my sweet boy Dusty during his time in their care. I can not express enough about how amazing and caring this organization has proven to be. I am beyond grateful for everything they have done for my Dusty. I had originally heard about NDLB through family and friends who had recommended and had positive experiences with this organization.

I had applied to adopt Dusty in July 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. NDLB had contacted me and informed me there would unfortunately be a 6-8 month delay in transporting Dusty due to Covid-19, however, if I did not mind the wait he would be mine. I eagerly replied I did not have an issue with the wait and I would love to provide him with a loving forever home even if I had to wait. 

During the next few months, NDLB sent me pictures and videos of Dusty as well as kept me updated on transportation progress. Thankfully, NDLB managed to transport Dusty sooner than they had originally anticipated. Dusty arrived at JFK Airport and we picked him up on November 28, 2020.

The first night I brought Dusty to my house he immediately made himself at home. He had a meal and took a bath. At bedtime, he hopped up and placed his front paws on my bed then turned and looked up at me. Like he was asking for me to pick him up, I put him on my bed and he’s slept with me every night since. That night I couldn’t believe how loud he snored and what a natural cuddler he was. I think he felt at home and safe with me.

Since I’ve brought Dusty home he has been my little shadow and has fit right into our family. I think we were meant to be and I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. During my time with him, I’ve been amazed to discover he is a resilient, smart, friendly, affectionate, and sweet boy. I can tell how hard he is trying to learn and catch on to everything in his new environment. He loves playing with our golden, cuddling, going for walks, drives in the car, eating, and his new family. I am so grateful to NDLB for bringing Dusty into my life and would recommend this organization to anyone who is looking to adopt and give a pup a loving forever home.

Kellee O’melia

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