I am beyond grateful and forever thankful to Jeff Beri and the NDLB team who rescued my sweet pup

December 29, 2020

Mabel is an Easter Day 2020 Slaughterhouse shutdown survivor. I adopted Mabel during Covid and patiently waited to make the trip to the states. NDLB shared videos of her and her two bulldog bunkmates — talk about CUTENESS!!! 

Mabel was the perfect passenger on our drive home to Baltimore Thanksgiving weekend. She is a goofy, laidback, cuddly — a complete LOVEBUG! She is so playful and has a true obsession with balls! Someone certainly had a sore arm at the Sanctuary.

Mabel has made herself right at home. She also gained a sister, Afia. The pair had an immediate bond. More times than most, they are either snuggling on the same dog bed or on the sofa. 

Mabel is now living her best life! She gets attention anywhere we go. I am so proud to share Mabel’s story and NDLB’s mission to anyone we meet. I even find myself starting the conversations which is something would never do before!  

She touches my heart and makes me smile everyday. I am beyond grateful and forever thankful to Jeff Beri and the NDLB team who rescued my sweet pup, mended her and kept her safe until it was time to catch a ride home on Freedom Flight 88. She will be living her best life for the rest of her life! 

I also had the opportunity to volunteer both days of the Freedom Flight. It is so hard to imagine a dog going through what they did, and how much love and kindness they have to show – each and every 81 of them! Seeing the entire operation from the cargo area to the dogs meeting their new families was a life-changing experience to be a part of! For each dog, Jeff shared a story about them before handing them off to their new family. NDLB’s commitment and dedication is unparalleled.

Audrey Felts

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