Foxy’s Story- Dog Adoption Story Warms The Heart

November 12, 2018

“My name is Tina¬†and I‚Äôm¬†the¬†proud mom of Foxy. I first learned of Yulin, The Dog Meat Trade and No Dogs Left Behind when my cousin Jessica¬†Radosevich¬†volunteered at the shelter this summer. Jessica shared a video featuring Foxy.

In an instant I was drawn to her. I searched the website to see if she was adoptable. There she was with her tiny little body. Foxy had the most telling eyes; It was evident she had seen a lifetime of pain. All I wanted to do was bring her home and give her love.

I connected with Jeff Beri and promised I would stop at nothing to continue to help her heal. Foxy arrived safely in New York on August 19th. I was eagerly waiting with my 8-year-old daughter Ava and my mom Sandra. The moment I looked into the transport crate my world changed. Peering back at me was the most gentle soul I had ever encounter.

Since that day Foxy’s life and the lives of the people in my family have been positively different. As an often hectic mother of two with a husband in the entertainment industry who travels frequently we all lost sight of what matters most.

As we have showered Foxy with love, affection and treats she has grown most of her hair back. She runs in the backyard with my children and eagerly waits for our daily walks. Foxy loves to nuzzle her head in my lap or hair and play peek a boo around the kitchen island.

She is allowed to be the puppy she was meant to be. Foxy is free from worry, free from sorrow, free from fear and surrounded by love…as for the humans in my house…..

We have rediscovered the serenity of walking barefoot in the grass when we take Foxy outside. We have fallen in love with walking her after a rainfall and smelling the fresh air. We have giggled when she sits in the sun wagging her tail and catching a fly in her mouth.

With all of that said, the most altering to our hearts is when we walk her at night under the moonlight when the world is still and everything in our hearts is just as it should be, calm and peaceful.

To any future adopters may I just say: In my opinion what makes a No Dogs Left Behind¬†Dog so special¬†is this‚Ķthese dogs have seen and survived the worst version of humanity and yet when you adopt them¬†their love¬†brings¬†out the best version of your humanity.¬†Please adopt, your heart with thank you later!”

~ Tina W.