Foxy and Beau’s Story

December 8, 2018

“I have been an animal advocate and a crusader for victims of the Dog Meat Trade for years.

When I saw Poppy’s picture my heart was in my throat. I had never heard of No Dogs Left Behind, and tracking down Poppy lead me to this wonderful organization.

What they do is like no other organization I have ever been involved with. I mean, they are really doing it. Really making a difference, Not only in the trenches every single day 24/7, but then the follow through!

With the treatment, the healing and the socializing and wonderful loving adoptions. Along with really making a difference in communities and education. I just fell in love with NDLB. They are absolutely incredible.

I knew that Poppy had a residual tic from having had distemper, and I didn’t know how playful and healthy she would be. She was so very sick for so long! I have another dog at home and I was thinking about a playmate for him. So, I adopted Poppy and Jasper.

WOW!! Poppy, now Foxy,  is certainly the alpha at my house. She is by far the happiest most energetic playful and loving dog I have ever known. Ever. I tell people that she was “Loved to Life”. And it shows! Foxy’s love of life is explosive.

Both Foxy and Jasper, Now Beau, are attentive, and eager to learn. They are actually very easy to train. They are no problem on a leash, and we hike and walk and boat with them off leash without any problems whatsoever.

They are both sweet as could be with other animals, including cats! And my grandkids. 😊

Foxy and Beau are home.

We love them and I am grateful beyond words.”

~Paula G.