Dog Adoptions – Yukuai’s Story

November 12, 2018

“This is Yukuai, rescued by NDLB on 5/5/17 “505”.only 6 months old, most likely a stolen pet, snatched from a breeder or a potential police dog.

As a proud executive team member of NDLB and supporter since NDLB’s day of inception, I can say that NDLB emergency response rescue team efforts and daily shelter activities is second to none always following strict protocols which save dogs lives. I had to privilege to volunteer at NDLB shelter in February 2018 where I assisted in a mass sterilization project alongside founder and my friend Jeffrey Beri.

I was able to fly back to the USA and transport 5 gorgeous German Shepherds. One of those special dogs was Yukuai who I had been acquainted with while at the shelter, she was recovering from a tail injury in the hospital room where I stayed while at the shelter.

Little did I know our bond was going to be for a lifetime. Well yes! My family decided to adopt Yukuai, who is now safe and sound. Happy and goofy. She is playful, kind and will be our Asian Princess always!

She is true beauty and our ambassador for NDLB, proof that a dog meat survivor can be a loving and trusting dog. She has settled nicely into her home with her brother Rocky who she is very gentle with. When we go to store, she can seem to be intimidating because of her size but people will ask can I pet her?

They put out their hand and she gives a gentle lick.YUKUAI-“means HAPPY & JOYFUL” we have kept her name Yukuai to honor her brothers and sisters who have lost their lives. Since she has arrived “Home” she has learned first to trust again.”

Forever Thankful to No dogs Left Behind!

~Diane P.
NDLB Team-Volunteer Coordinator
New Jersey