Devlin and Cloud Find A New Home

December 7, 2018

“First I’d like to mention, my husband and I are the new proud parents to Devlin and Cloud! It was probably almost a year ago when somehow I stumbled across NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND while donating to save 5 german shepherds to come home to America.

Having a four-year-old female german shepherd myself, I tend to gravitate and donate to different organizations saving shepherds. I began following NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND on Facebook, after seeing pictures and videos I couldn’t stop thinking about and telling my family and friends about the unthinkable and disgusting acts they do to these poor animals in China.

So I decided to donate monthly because at the time I thought that was the only thing I could do to help the cause. I knew one day I’d love to adopt but never thought the timing was right, possible, or even my own dog might not be able to handle it.

Months pass, NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND were in the thick of action intercepting trucks, rescuing and saving these beautiful souls and I just knew I had to do more. Knowing the timing wasn’t right, I told my husband this is what we have to do, he never hesitated and jumped on board full speed and supported me 100%.

I reached out to Jeffrey and his team, told them about our dog, her temperament, and who we liked. We picked out 5 of our favorites sent them over and waited for feedback. Jeffrey quickly called us back and said there were a couple that would work best for our family.

He also sent pictures and videos of Devlin and Cloud playing together, we knew we had a tough decision to make. They were both so adorable and sweet. At that moment we chose Devlin and confirmed it.

We felt this amazing feeling of changing this sweet little man’s life forever and that’s a feeling like no other. I feel extreme happiness and extreme emotion thinking about what we are about to do for this living being that was on the verge of unthinkable torture and not being able to live the life he was meant to live.

We knew we were doing the right thing. We couldn’t be happier about taking the next step. A few days pass we couldn’t stop thinking about Devlin’s best friend, Cloud!

Next thing we knew we sent over a message….we wanted her too! I couldn’t imagine Devlin leaving her behind and I knew for the rest of their lives, they would have each other. It was an amazing feeling knowing they survived together and now off to their forever loving home.

We couldn’t imagine one without the other. In this short time of having them, they have filled our home with so much love, happiness, and gratefulness. Even my usual bossy, jealous and territorial german shepherd has been surprisingly awesome.

It’s like she knew what they went through and knew how important this was to us. We can’t thank Jeffrey Beri and NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND enough for all the hard work, dedication and sacrifice it takes to rescuing and saving these lives.

We can’t wait to show them the little things in life that mean to most to us. The green grass, run around free in the snowfall, take a long walk down the trails and along the water.

And my favorite part is when we put up their first of many Christmas ornaments on the tree. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND FOR GIVING THEM LIFE!!

Love always,

Kuran, Joe, Janie, Bear, Chino, Devlin and Cloud.

~ Kuran  A
Shortsville, NY