Cola….our sweetheart

November 5, 2019

Cola is doing very well! He is slowly improving, he doesn’t leave my side and still only trusts me. Although he is a great loving dog, we did not have any problems with accidents in the house or anything like that.

He LOVES his walks with me, and loves cuddling up on the couch as well. Also when it comes to bed time he always get’s super excited and will roll around the bed and smile, and will cuddle up to me all night.

He is such a sweetheart. We’ve been trying to train him basic commands but it’s taking some time. He is not a fan of other dogs, not sure if that is normal but he seems to have no interest (Which is totally fine), and he isn’t a fan of car rides. But other than that I feel he is doing great 😊 I really appreciate everything you do to help these dogs find their forever homes and are so grateful for Cola.


Thank You,