Christmas arrived early this year!

April 27, 2020

Christmas 2019 arrived at our home yesterday, December 5, 2019!  We received the gift of love in our new golden retriever, Murphy!  After finding this beautiful creature on the No Dogs Left Behind website and several conversations with this tremendous organization, we knew that rescuing was the right decision for our family!

We have quickly grown to love No Dogs Left Behind & its founder, Jeffrey Beri.  This exemplary group of individuals work tireless hours to bravely rescue dogs from the meat trade in China.  Their application, interview process and adoption process is very professional, thorough, straightforward and personal!  They gladly answered our questions and truly set our family up for success in adopting our new pup!

We currently have 3 cherished goldens and can’t believe the incredible addition Murphy makes to the group!  He is so gentle and sweet and tries so hard to please.  He exhibits so much joy and that brings joy to all of us!  We know the adjustment for him will take some time but so far it has been very positive.

Murphy’s Gotcha Day and Birthday will now be celebrated every December 5th!  The greatest day that this little beauty made such a sweet addition to our family!  We are forever grateful to the brave NDLB activists in China, all the tremendous volunteers and to Jeffrey Beri for rescuing our loving dog Murphy!

Sincerely (and lots of love),

Anne and Rick Karcich