Bringing Loving Families and Dogs Together: Jax’s Story

November 18, 2018

End Yulin

End Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Rescue Dog Adoptions

Dog Adoptions

We are forever grateful when we can rescue dogs from horrible conditions and bring them to forever loving homes.

This is certainly what happened to one of our beautiful pups named Jax.  His story began when we intercepted one of the 5.05 dog meat trucks.

Out of this horror comes the fact that one of the of the most important jobs we have at No Dogs Left Behind is to find loving homes for the precious souls we save from this brutal trade in China.

We can intercept trucks, feed them, vaccinate them, and fix broken bones but we cannot fix broken spirits without getting our babies to loving forever homes.

Every pup that is adopted allows us to create more room for the next ones.  In our eyes, for every pup we get adopted, we are truly saving the lives of two dogs.

The first dog is the dog you so graciously adopted which frees up space to save another life here in China.

Today we wanted to share a truly amazing, heart-warming and happy story with our readers about our beloved Jax and the family that has welcome him into their home.

We asked our kind adopters, Guiseppena and Sal, to share their loving story with our readers and why they made the decision to bring a pup that was saved from the dog meat trade into their home.

Here’s their story…..

dog adoptions

Sal and I were looking into different rescues as we were hoping to adopt a 2nd dog. We came across No Dogs Left Behind one day, which naturally then led us towards researching about the Yulin Meat Festival.

To keep it simple- we were horrified, heartbroken and sickened over what we saw. It was then that we knew instantly our next rescue dog would come from No Dogs Left Behind.

When we got in touch with Jeff, he asked which survivor we were interested in giving a forever home. Without hesitation I responded, “all of them!”

It was so hard for Sal and I to decide who we wanted so we left it up to Jeff. Jeff said he had the perfect dog for us and chose Jax (formally Edward). We instantly fell in love as soon as we saw him. Those hazel eyes won us over in seconds.

dog adoptions

Jax was rescued from the 5.05 truck, crammed in the smallest crate you could imagine with at least a dozen other dogs who were suffocating.

His eyes were glued shut, infected with distemper and battered from defending himself. Jeff and his team provided him with impeccable TLC & medical care and brought him back to life.

Jeff was right, he IS the perfect dog. Since we brought him home, Jax has been nothing but a blessing. All he wants is to be loved and cuddled.

To know that this perfect dog was almost butchered brings tears to our eyes. He is the most loving and protective dog.

Jax has made himself at home and is so happy; his tail wags all day, falls asleep with a smile on his face, loves running through the leaves and loves his head rubs.

His sister, Lulu, loves him so much and is giving him the time he needs to fully adjust to his brand new life. He is truly the greatest addition to our family.

This has been nothing but an incredible experience for us. Jeff answered all of our questions through call/text, even sent us updates, pictures and videos of Jax leading up to his flight home.

By doing this, we were able to raise so much awareness about No Dogs Left Behind and what they’re doing. Everyone called us crazy at the start of this, mainly because they didn’t know what happens in Yulin.

But now, we have so many friends and family who are supporting us and No Dogs Left Behind. They all have fallen in love with Jax just as fast as we did.

We believe that with each dog that gets adopted, we are one step closer to this gut-wrenching festival being shut down for good. No Dogs Left Behind earns all the credit in the world for risking their own lives to give these survivors a second chance at life.

We cannot thank Jeff and his team enough for allowing us to be a part of their rescue mission. They will always be family to us.

If it weren’t for them, Jax would not be here with us today.

Thank you!!

Giving a second life to any of these survivors from No Dogs Left Behind is the best decision a person could ever make.

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