Being part of the No Dogs Left Behind has been an incredible experience for me

December 11, 2020

Being part of the NDLB family of adopters has been an incredible experience for me. Jeff Beri and his team at NDLB are amazingly caring and dedicated people who have devoted their lives to saving these helpless dogs from the meat trade in China. The wait for my two dogs, Lydia and Skully was made bearable by their constant contact. My little poodles are perfect! They are amazingly loving, gentle creatures who have no reason to trust, but they do.

All they want is love and safety. It has been almost two weeks since their arrival home and they have adapted so well! No accidents in the house, they sleep in their beds and are so well behaved! The work NDLB put into socializing these babies certainly shows! I would encourage anyone who is thinking of adopting to please consider NDLB and help save these beautiful little creatures. I am so incredibly thankful and blessed to have them both with their sweet personalities!

Deborah Flynn