Amanda Has Brought Me So Much Joy

January 4, 2020

April 10, 2018 was the day I adopted my Dog from No Dogs Left Behind. I am so grateful to Jeffrey and NDLB for rescuing her from such a terrible fate. Mandy (formerly Amanda) has brought me so much joy. She is my motivator, best friend, family member, companion and protector.

Our first stop after picking her up was the Ocean. Since she is a labrador/Golden retriever I knew she would Love it there. I also wanted her to know that her life was going to be totally different now and smell the sea, watch the seagulls and feel the fresh ocean breeze. She was so happy.

It took only a day for her to realize that she was home and made herself comfortable. We got right into our daily routine and both of us are enjoying every walk and meeting lots of great people and dogs every day.

Mandy appreciates everything I give her and do for her. She has been well received by the village. Her beautiful face and contagious enthusiasm cause many people to stop and inquire about her.

We will continue to spread the word about all of the dogs that are being rescued and in need of loving homes. My life is so much better with Mandy in it! Thanks so much NDLB and we will scream loud with you to end this cruelty.

All My Best Maura