Adopting and working with No Dogs Left Behind was amazing.

November 11, 2020

Adopting and working with No Dogs Left Behind was amazing. The team truly cares about the dogs and want the best for them.

We adopting during Covid-19, which resulted in a delay in getting our little girl. Fortunately, the team was eager and ready to give us a photo and video updates on Karsyn(Bee) about twice a month.

Once we were able to finally get the flight date for our little girl, we were so excited. We got all the information needed to pick her up and got a sheet on what we should bring, and how to get your dog used to their new home.

Because of Corona, however, we were unable to cross the border. Because of this, the Canadian adopters needed to find a transporter to get these dogs to Canada, which we did. The team was in contact with the transport company while they had our dogs, and spoke to us and stayed up until we got our dogs, which was 8 am the next morning!

They truly care so much about these dogs, even when they’re out of their care.

I highly recommend adopting from NDLB. Thank you for saving our little Bee! She is happy, healthy, and so happy to join our family!

Alexandra Schill

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