Ada and Billy’s Story: A Testimonial From Their New Mom

December 8, 2018

“I adopted Ada on June 16, 2018 and Billy on August 18, 2018. These two dogs were from No Dogs Left Behind.

Ada was very scared when I received him but understandable considering what he went through from the slaughterhouse he was rescued from.

Billy was scared to but they were both healthy dogs and with the love, knew they’d come around. I was contacted continually by No Dogs Left Behind with how they were, pictures, and videos of them both.

I’m very impressed by this organization. So impressed, I adopted 2 dogs. Ada is a service dog for me. He’s a sweet dog and very smart.

Billy is a sweet girl that just wants to be loved. I’m very thankful for Jeffrey Beri and everyone else in Hunan and Beijing shelters for caring for these beautiful babies.

Thank you so much from Ada and Billy. You’ve given them life. God bless.”

~ Billie O.
New Hampshire

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