A Loving Home For Dasher

March 25, 2020

Hello, My name is Dasher, previously known as Mo from No Dogs Left Behind. I was adopted on November 21st 2019 by a single mom that has always been a dog mom. I am the only dog (for now) in the home with two rescue cats. I live in Birmingham, Alabama but mom is Canadian living and working in the USA temporarily.

When I met mom at the airport with Jeff I was so very scared…I wouldn’t let anyone touch me and I was scared of anything and everything. I had been with No Dogs left behind for 2 years in China waiting for my FURever home. As soon as mom got me into the car for the long ride from JFK to Alabama, I pounced on her kissing her for about 5 mins before we left.

I couldn’t stop licking moms face. Mom had to lift me in and out of the car for pee breaks and when we got to hotels I had never been in a home so I wouldn’t go through doorways so mom had to carry me in and out of door ways of the hotel. I was really well potty trained so that wasn’t an issue.

Mom bought be a doggy anxiety bed but I like the floor better. I don’t like my food and I don’t like any treats but I like this one human grade treat mom bought so that’s what I want. After the long drive home each day has been like being a baby pup again- I learned how to jump in and out of the car one day…a couple days later I was ok going in and out of doorways.

I even go up and down stairs now, mom gets very excited she doesn’t have to carry me up and down, but I still don’t sleep on any of the nice beds her and her family bought me for Christmas, I just like the floor.

I hike every day and go to the dog park to play with other local dogs every single day and I am starting to love it and play around. I still don’t like humans they scare me but it’s only been 4 weeks so maybe that will change soon. I hate when mom bathes me, but I started playing with some of the toys she got me and I even try to play with the cats…they don’t always like that.

I like sitting at the front door and barking at people outside…don’t they know this is my new house and not to bug me!!! Mom and I cuddle and I give her kisses as much as possible- I come when she calls and get excited every time she says walk or treat or hike or dog park…even car ride.

I am the happiest dog, I am very loving and can’t get enough of human affection. Thanks for the rescue No Dogs Left Behind, I know this is where I was always meant to be.

Love Dash.