Saving Dogs from a Restaurant on a Cold Winter Night

November 18, 2018

Jeffrey was highly attentive in his work, he checked the neck first, finding that the black dog was tied up to a lash tightly – a piece of dirty cloth with a fast knot, he gently loosened it up. Then he turned to the white terrier dog who was also tied up tightly to a white collar.

Dino, Jeffrey’s assistant, a young man from Guangdong in Cantonese dialect, was busy distributing dog food brought from the Base. Some other volunteers had brought along their own pet’s drinking machine from their home and gave the traumatized dogs a nice treat.

One volunteer said to Guoguo, ‘We are here to save dogs, why are you just holding a rabbit?’

The young lady said, ‘This poor crooked-ear rabbit would have become meat in the plate. The owner felt it would be a pity too. So I bought this rabbit from him with 20 yuan. Why are there no regulations regarding rabbit meat? ( Our Zhenzhou Pet Protection Association is a new non-profit organization. We hope to receive more donations to save as many animals as we can.)

After a quick checkup, all volunteers, exhausted and starving, left for dinner by themselves, while a hired truck, loaded with eight saved lives, escorted by staffs of the Base, hurriedly made its way back to the shelter.

It was already 10 pm when we started our journey from the southern third ring road for the northernmost part of the city, almost bordering the Yellow River, where our shelter was located. The dogs, no longer anxious and curious, were overcome by sleepiness.

The white terrier mother and son were sleeping soundly. The black one was lying in the foreign volunteer’s arms, while the blonde one was enjoying the young lady’s gentle cuddling.

The four puppies, surely not used to riding on a bumpy car, vomited fiercely for the first time of their life! The sleeping white puppy with her innocent face would never imagine how ugly and cruel any human beings in this world could be.

These angel-like beings, having been tamed by our ancestors ages ago, for helping mankind in hunting for food, as security guards, and as our dear companions, would surely be entitled to live in harmony with us, be treated with loving kindness, and continue to be our co-inhabitants on earth!

We wish that all lovely puppies will ultimately find a loving home, where they could live out the rest of their lives. At the same time, we’ll keep spreading the news, hoping the three adult dogs would find their original owners or new owners who love them.

At 11:20 pm, time to go back home. Everyone was so terribly hungry.

Late at 12:00 am, Guoguo picked another homeless dog on her way home.

Postscript: We Love animals, no more killing! Front line rescue, rain or shine! Ban all restaurants from illegal slaughtering and selling dog meat. We welcome more compassionate people to join us in the rescue. Strength lies in numbers, come and join the club! Let this love pass on!

The blonde dog rescued from the cage was found having CPV in the test the next day and is under proper treatment right now.

We are looking forward to having more kind-hearted friends and receiving more donations for rescue. Dogs are human’s best friends.


Stop selling and purchasing. Adopt! Give dogs a loving home!