Foster A Survivor

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The No Dogs Left Behind Foster program is designed to get dogs into American that have been at the shelter longer than most. It’s also geared toward boosting the dog’s likelihood of adoption.

While most of our dogs find their forever home through our adoption site directly some dogs need the extra assistance of a foster family.

Fostering a dog allows the dog the chance at a home life environment. It also allows further insight into the dog’s personality which will be helpful for adoption.

*Please Note: The No Dogs Left Behind Foster director will choose the best dog for your family and lifestyle. In addition, the foster dog WILL be adopted through No Dogs Left Behind protocols.

We recognize and have experienced fosters who have wanted to keep the dog and adopt, should that be the case please disclose this immediately so as to avoid any complications.

For questions please contact Audrey at [email protected]

Dogs Available For Fostering


Visit our adoption page to view the dogs.

Any of the dogs from our adoption page can be fostered!  Our goal is to get them all to a forever loving home as quickly as possible!

We need your support so don’t hesitate to contact Audrey at [email protected]