Stories from Annie, the new member of the family

December 7, 2019

Annie is doing great.   Here are some pictures of her with her 4 legged family and Santa, aka: her daddy.  She is not afraid of anything.   She was completely house broken when we got her.   She loves to play in the yard with the other kids and she LOVES the snow !

She keeps us on our toes.   She loves stealing stuff from the house and bringing it outside to chew/play with.   I heard bang, bang,  bang the other day.   I ran to the doggy door and she was trying to drag Santa’s boot outside.

As much as we love her,  we did have some challenges with her and still do.  She loves playing with the other dogs but she will not share toys or treats with them.   As far as she is concerned everything belongs to her.   We brought in a trainer that showed us techniques to desensitize her.   She is coming along but we have a long road ahead of us.

She is definitely worth the work.


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